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My Education

The My Education portal is a valuable resource that provides step-by-step information about how to apply the Money Mastery system to your life. It includes a quick, getting started course that introduces you to the Money Mastery program and helps you quickly set up spending and debt elimination plans so you can start feeling control and peace right away. The portal also has comprehensive financial education courses designed to help you get every aspect of your financial life in order as well as courses on how to maximize retirement and reduce taxes so you can build wealth on any income.

7 Steps to Money Mastery

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Begin controlling spending, powering down debt, and maximizing savings with this basic step-by-step jump-start course.

10 Principles of Money Mastery

In-depth Personal Financial Information

Build wealth on any income with this comprehensive financial management course for individuals and families.

Tax Strategies

Tax Strategies for the Business Professional

Learn how to legally and ethically reduce tax liability, take business deductions with confidence and bullet-proof your tax return.

Guide to Small Business

Guide to Small Business Ventures

Take control of your own financial future with this how-to course on successfully launching and operating a small business.

Real Estate Investing

Guide to Real Estate Investing

Create more cash flow, reduce taxes, and build greater wealth with this step-by-step guide to real estate investing.

Investor Trading

Guide to Investor Trading

Learn lucrative ways to convert earned wages into passive income and put your money to work to build greater wealth.

Money Mastery App

Money Mastery Spending Plan & Tracking App

Learn how to track your money so you can control it — all from the convenience of your mobile phone.

Our Blog

Money Mastery Blog

Get expert advice, learn from others’ experience, and contribute your own perspective on this informative online forum.

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