How Big Is Your Debt Problem?

Too afraid to find out? Well, knowledge is power and it’s always better to know how bad things are so you can make a plan to deal with them. Plus, the Power Down approach to eliminating debt gives hope and makes it possible in under 10 years to get out of ALL debt, including a mortgage.

So, ask yourself the following questions, then consider learning the Power Down method of debt elimination. It will give you hope and totally change your life, in just a few short years.

  1. Do I argue with my partner over bills?
  2. Is an increasing percentage of my income being used to pay off debt?
  3. Am I near or at the limit of my lines of credit?
  4. Am I extending repayment schedules, i.e. paying bills in 60 or 90 days that I once paid in 30?
  5. Am I chronically late paying bills?
  6. Am I borrowing to pay for items I used to buy with cash?
  7. Do I put off medical or dental visits because I can’t afford them?
  8. Do I know my total debt, or am I afraid to add it up?

If you are struggling with any of these concerns, now is the time to get your debt load under control. It’s your choice. You can continue spending like crazy while trying to pay down debt for another 30 or 40 years, or you can be empowered to get out of debt now! Go to to find out more.