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Smooth Sailing in Life Won’t Happen, But Things Can Still Be Great with the Right Attitude

The illustration below shows how we all want our finances to go, smoothly all the way until we reach our financial goals. However, “life” happens and then we have the picture below it with all kinds of obstacles and bad weather, sketchy bridges to cross and danger all around.

How can we manage chaos, the never-ending changes, or surprises throughout our life? Many people manage very well, so I got curious and set out to interview over 100 of our most successful Money Mastery clients and here is what I found:

  • They are positive thinkers.
  • They believe good things will come out of everything bad.
  • They love rubbing shoulders with other positive thinkers, even seek them out.
  • They thrive on adversity and don’t shrink away from it necessarily.
  • They make lemonade out of lemons.
  • They prepare in advance for the unseen events that can unfold.

An example of this kind of positive thinking is Jack Simplot, growing potatoes in southern Idaho, and raising a couple thousand head of cattle. Jack had to get creative about what to do with all his potato peelings after environmentalists almost shut him down, so he tested his cattle on eating the peelings. It worked, as they ate the peelings and thrived. Today many people purchase his Ore-Ida spuds in a box.

  • They don’t mind taking risks.
  • They don’t run unprepared into trouble, but they do take thoughtful and calculated risks.

An example of this are the pilgrims leaving England in the 1600’s for religious freedom. “One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore, for a very long time,” the author Andre Gide once said.

  • They are comfortable in their own skin.
  • They don’t mind the scrutiny of others, because they live their life with integrity.
  • They look out for others less fortunate than themselves.
  • They are givers, leaving behind far more than what they were given when they started.

A very good example of this is Mother Teresa. She helped thousands of sick and poor people along her way.
So, do you want smooth sailing throughout your life? It won’t happen that way, but you can have a wonderful life both financially and in your relationships by embracing these tried and proven approaches to life. I had a wonderful experience interviewing my Money Mastery clients about what makes them successful and making notes on what they taught me. I am much more positive and have a different outlook today because of this effort. Hope you do too.

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