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Why You Need Money to Buy More Time…

As they say, if you learn how to handle money you will have a good life, but if you don’t you’ll always be running in circles. 

I know money is not the most important thing in the world, except if you don’t have any.  Money is kind of like oxygen, you don’t notice how much you really need it until it’s not there. So the premise of this post is to encourage you to get a proper system of financial management in place that not only helps you get in control of your money now so you can stop running around in circles panicked that you don’t have what you need, but also to have the means to go WAY beyond that — to build wealth on any income that will allow you to participate in the wonderful things of life that make it exciting!

What does this kind of wealth look like?

  • Enough money to buy time on the beach.
  • Enough to buy lots of extra time to spend with your family.
  • Enough to retire and take life easy, or better yet to have enough to do for others when they can’t do for themselves.
  • Enough to build up opportunities for growth and progress in your community and country.

How can you build this kind of wealth?

It’s possible only by understanding how TIME factors into everything. Notice in the above examples I have given, “If you have enough money, you can buy TIME on the beach.”  If you have enough money you can “buy lots of extra TIME to spend with your family.” Isn’t time what we really want, not money? The problem is, you cannot have time without the money to pay for it, whether it is on the beach, with family, in retirement, or in creating new growth and progress opportunities for others.

Since TIME is the ultimate goal, shouldn’t we all study more about the relationship between TIME & MONEY?  When we spend more than we make, aren’t we spending our time in the future. Don’t we lose time by working to earn interest on a loan?  When you learn how to better use time and how to manage your money, you will conquer the world as we know it.  Look around you and identify the people you know who have control of their money and how peaceful their lives are? I can guarantee you they have a system in place that allows them this kind of control.

One of the best ways to understand what kind of system you need to create this control is to read MONEY: What Financial “Experts” Will Never Tell You. Within it you can read about actual case studies where people finally understood the relationship between TIME and MONEY and took action to make them work in harmony using a correct system of financial management. 

Anyone wanting to have a much better life should focus on TIME and it’s relationship to money.  I give you my best by inviting you to go to www.moneymastery.com for more information about this critical subject.

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