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Your Financial Life is Like a Puzzle… How Well Are You Putting It Together?

Your financial life is much like a puzzle, there are pieces that must fit together neatly or there is no picture to see.  But how do you make sense of the puzzle if you don’t even know what it’s supposed to look like, or if you’re not sure what all the pieces are? Over 25 years ago, Alan Williams and I created the following financial assessment to help people ask the questions that help them see where they are financially right now and where they need to go. 

Please take this 12-question assessment available at the link below and see where you rank with your personal finances.   A score of 59, for example is “Fair,” meaning your puzzle is partially put together, but needs improvements for sure.

Money Mastery Financial Assessment

It is wise for you to take this assessment at least once a year.  Compare you score with last year’s and see how much you have progressed.  Then take notes on where to improve and after six months take this assessment again.  Watch yourself grow and develop into a truly principle-centered money manager.

Why is it so hard for anyone of us to check ourselves against a standard of excellence?  It is hard emotionally, plus many of us want what we want and spend anything to get it.  But if you will learn to control your emotional urges, it will make you a fortune.   It isn’t hard to get in control financially — wealth on ANY income is possible for anybody, it just takes being willing to see yourself as you truly are right now so you can make improvements going forward.  For more information on other tools and techniques to get in complete control financially and put your puzzle together so it finally makes sense visit, www.moneymastery.com.

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