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Do You Wash a Rental Car Before You Return It?

Whenever I have rented a car, I have never considered taking it through the car wash before I return it.  Why would I do that?  I don’t own the car, I only want to use it briefly.

When we don’t own something, we don’t take much interest in it.  So I ask, “How many people own their spending?”  Own it means being committed to it, spending money according to a plan, not deviating from the spending plan, and so forth. 

We may feel a need to have a “budget” (budgets don’t work by the way) and limit our spending to what is most important, but if we don’t have a real plan for how we need and want to spend, or in other words if we don’t “own” our spending, we will ultimately always overspend.

I challenge you to set a goal in the new year to “own” your spending.  That means:

  1. Make a spending plan (which implies writing it down)
  2. Post the plan where you can see it.
  3. Track your spending according to the plan.
  4. Review the plan every day.
  5. Make adjustments to your spending plan based on problems you see arise, but stick to the basic plan for a month and see what happens to your life.

You are the owner of your money and the way you spend it.  I urge you not to treat it like a car rental as if it’s someone else’s business to take care of.  Bring it home, take care of it, and use it daily with care.

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