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Do You Need a Financial Parachute?

If you ever need a parachute, and don’t have one, you will never need one again.  Now apply this to your retirement.  If you don’t have a retirement, and you are arriving at that age in 5 years, you won’t have time to get one before it’s too late.

Here are national statistics to consider as you review your need for a financial parachute. 

First, the average amount of money saved in all 401(k)’s is $5,000.  ‘

Second, only 28% of employees who have access to a 401(k) actually deposit any money into it. 

Third, for those reaching retirement age of 65, they have assets totaling only $60,000. 

Fourth, 10,000 people each and every day are turning age 65 for the next 14 years.  

Okay, so what if you are nearing retirement age and you don’t have that “financial parachute?” Don’t panic, it’s not everlastingly too late, it’s just time to get serious… NOW! Everyone can improve their retirement income, no matter how late in the game, no matter how little the money.  Some things can be done to at least get a small parachute.  Please go to www.moneymastery.com and signup for the Select program, then complete the retirement worksheet. Then email your questions using the “ask a coach” feature within the online training.  This will be the best financial decision you make in your life.

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