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Without Fiduciary Responsibility Refinancing Makes No Sense

Remember how many people loaded up their credits cards and then refinanced to pay them off?  Then in 2008, the mortgage lending bubble burst and home values dropped, banks went broke, and refinancing came to an end.  How did this really hurt our nation?

  • It trained consumers to over spend.
  • This over-spending carried over into government practices.
  • Over-spending continues today, eight years later, at a rate that has put us into trillions of dollars of debt.

Can you imagine what might happen if United States were a private corporation and ran its business like the Congress has been doing?  It wouldn’t last two minutes, that’s what! You could never run a corporation without a balanced budget, without a profit, and without firing employees who perform poorly.  Because the government has no balanced budget, never makes a profit, and doesn’t fire poor performers, national debt just continues to grow and grow. 
The bottom line is, as a nation, we have refinanced and refinanced again and again, but the problem is we don’t have a “house” to sell and pay off the obligation.  You and I are the “house” or the asset that is behind all these national debts. 

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