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Would You Like a Better Return on Your Investments or a Better Return on Your Life?

What results do you want to get out of your money? Would you rather get a better return on your investment or the best possible life you can lead with the money you have available? Speaking from experience, I prefer the later. My focus in relation to what my money provides me is on improving the good times, bettering personal and family relationships, having more meaningful experiences, being able to travel where I want, accomplishing my life goals, and so forth. All of these far outweigh any “return on investments” I might make during my life.  Sure we all have to invest our money for some gain, but when my life gets better because of how I use the money, I am rewarded.

As a little example, let’s look at the comparison between having shutterstock_284334773knowledge vs. wisdom. Knowledge is very important, but it takes wisdom to apply this knowledge so we gain the most from what we know.  If knowledge was all that mattered, then librarians would rule this world.  It is only when you apply the knowledge for your gain that this knowledge become a benefit.  Applied knowledge = wisdom (and perhaps a few other things like adding to that knowledge compassion and respect, but that’s a discussion for another time). For now, let’s stick to the importance of applying knowledge to gain wisdom. 

So, getting a good return on investments for your money is nice, and is basically gaining some knowledge about the way markets work but what you do with this return on investment (ROI) is far more important as it will affect the “return” you get on your life (or ROL).  To be wise in the way we handle our money, we must be open to self-examination, constantly checking ourselves to make sure we don’t focus solely on ROI as noted in the post from June 2015, Financial Stability Affects Every Other Area of Our Life.

If you are sincerely interested in identifying a better ROL, go to www.moneymastery.com and sign up for the Select program.  You will soon soar to new heights in every area of your life, not just money!

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