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Be Thankful for Your Problems, They Just Might be Opportunities in Disguise

We’ve all heard the age-old question:

“Is the glass half empty or half full?”

Well, the answer really depends on how you look at it. If you are grateful for at least one-half of a glass of water, you will be careful and drink it slowly and not tip it over. But if you are discouraged that you only have half of a glass of water, you might disregard it altogether. The point is, we can learn to make the most of what we have or we can be angry that we don’t have more and squander all of it all together.
Here’s a few examples of what I mean:
Problems at work:  Problems at work actually provide you and your family with the income to take care of the needs of life and more importantly, the opportunity to create more wealth. You can focus on the unpleasantness of certain coworkers, products not working as they should, or the mistakes you and others make. Or you can be grateful to have a job and learn to solve problems. Problem-solving promotes growth and learning. Negativity only drags everyone down.  Why not soar like an eagle by simply looking at work problems as opportunities?
Health problems:  Okay, so these can be a real bummer and do limit opportunities, or so it seems. But with all of the advances in today’s healthcare, the difficulty is much less than it once was. Remember that your great-grandfather had to have his teeth pulled when they decayed because filling a cavity wasn’t an option 100 years ago. Rotted teeth had to be removed so they wouldn’t infect the rest of the body and result in a painful and terrible death! Imagine, just 75 to 100 years ago, dental care was that archaic. George Washington once carved wooden teeth that he would bite down hard upon to force them betweengeorgewashington his good teeth so he could chew! Now we enjoy so many advances in medical and dental care that we really should consider looking at the glass as being half full with regards to such problems. And with minimal planning of our personal finances, we can afford the insurance needed to take advantage of these wonderful advances.
Communication problems:  I think it’s so funny when I hear people complain about their terrible cell phone plan and how their coverage is so terrible, and on and on. Think back just 25 years ago… Let’s say you agree to meet your family at the state fair. You arrive on time at the gate but your family with the tickets doesn’t show. You wait for an hour and then decide to go home. Much later that night your family arrives home and tells you their sad story. Their car broke down one mile from meeting up with you. They thought they could fix it, but couldn’t. There was no way to communicate this with you. If they had access to a cell phone, like we do today, they would have been able to call you in 10 minutes and the problems would have been quickly solved.  Instead of looking at all the problems with modern day communication, how about being thankful for all the opportunities it presents us with? I am amazed every day at how much my life has been enriched financially and socially by the technology I use and enjoy every day, including the Internet, social media and cell phones.
There are hundreds more examples indicating how wonderful we have it today. So let’s examine the question again. Is the glass half empty, or half full? If you practice always keeping a happy and positive outlook opportunities will present themselves financially, socially, emotionally, and physically that you could never have imagined.  I promise… I learned this 50 years ago when I was terribly burned all over Peter2my body in a horrific car accident. During my long, and very hard recovery I had to learn to look at the glass as being half full or I truly would not have survived. This important life-lesson has been the guiding light that has directed the rest of my life, influencing greatly the opportunities I have had financially and in many other ways.
In the face of some very disturbing trends politically and financially in our country today, it is more important then ever to take a positive approach and learn all you can about possible solutions to difficult problems. For financial help, be sure to visit www.moneymastery.com today!

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