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The High Cost of Not Tracking Your Spending

Spending according to a plan and then tracking that spending can be both pleasurable and rewarding when you know where and when you need and want to spend. You will be able to predict how much money you will need to retire, how much you will need in case of emergencies, and how much you can spend for fun. It also helps you focus on the positive aspects of your financial life and can help you feel confident about the future.
“But,” you may find yourself thinking, I’ve never kept track of my money and I’m concerned that it might be rather tedious.” 
If this is your way of thinking, stop and think how much it will cost you to have this mentality:
The high cost of not tracking your bank balances:  Many people have expressed to their Money Mastery coach that they simply don’t want to  know how far out of control they are or how bad things have actually become. Fear and guilt are often the reasons for this stubbornness. Some people even resort to opening a new account every six months so they won’t have to balance their checking account or figure out how many bank fees they have paid.
The high cost of blaming employers and/or thinking there is not enough income. Many people trick themselves into thinking that their overspending and debt load should be blamed on their jobs and/or employers. These people convince themselves that true financial happiness can only be found in a larger salary. They assure themselves that pastures are greener elsewhere and incur further expense when they change jobs, uproot their family, and start over again.
The high cost of  claiming that you never dreamed anything could go wrong when emergencies hit.  This is the ultimate game people play when  it comes to avoiding tracking how they spend money. It transfers every bit of personal responsibility onto a “natural disaster” that they couldn’t possibly foresee. Hundreds of people have no idea where their money goes each month because they refuse to track and yet cannot see the correlation between this lack of tracking and the total devastation that a basic emergency can bring to their family. One of Alan’s clients mysteriously misplaced her hard contact lenses, which would have cost her approximately $350 to replace. However, because she did not want to feel e apps and other electronic tools has made money tracking very easy.
It takes an average of 7 seconds to record a purchase using the Money Masteryiphone phone tracker, and immediately gives you a balance of what you have left to spend in each category. If it’s that easy, why not try it and see what happens to your finances?  It costs more in worry and time to NOT track than it does to use simple tracking tools such as those provided by companies like Money Mastery. Try it today for FREE!

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