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Mountain Climbing and Your Money Have a lot In Common

Some people were climbing Mt. Rainer with a guide.  They were all roped together and huge boulders were consistently falling off above them.  Fear was in the heart of all the climbers.  They ascended the mountain successfully and returned to talk about their experience.  The guide was asked how he handled these frightening situations, and his honest response showed his experience.  
The guide said that he has not had any serious mishaps, though he has guided hundreds of people up and down this grand mountain.  He said some of this could be due to good luck but more likely that he has a system for managing problems.  He has learned to treat each climber as if they are trying to kill themselves.  He said for each cliff, each turn or transition on the mountain, that someone would try and fall off the cliff.  Because of this attitude, he prepared so that they were protected, so when mistakes were made and danger was imminent, he was ready for the problem and solved it.  His climbers have thanked him thousands of times for his wisdom to plan ahead and keep them safe.
In my experience, personal money management is every bit like climbing Mt. Rainer.  There are so many pitfalls awaiting each person as we earn, spend and save money.  Examples of such pitfalls are many:

  • Over-spending
  • Inability to communicate with a spouse
  • Living too long
  • Dying too soon
  • Becoming disabled
  • Not knowing how to counter inflation
  • Taxation
  • And much more.  

I see all the time how people are trying to “kill themselves” financially.  Get a financial coach who can help you safely climb to the summit of your financial world: peter@moneymastery.com.       

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