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Are You Aware of the "Rats" All Around You?

Obama ran his campaign on all the good “changes” he would bring if elected. Well, it’s eight years later and my oh my, how he has changed things and probably not in a way that most people were hoping for or expecting. His official executive orders (which have been titled as such) have exceeded most presidents, but in addition to these orders he has issued tons of executive orders masquerading as “presidential memorandums.” 
Using data from the American Presidency Project at the University of California:  Santa Barbara, the Daily Dot ranked all the U.S. presidents by the number of executive orders they have issued while in office.  With Obama’s Presidential Memorandums instead of orders, Obama has been able to fly past Congress with more “orders” than any other president.  
What kind of changes has Obama brought into the country?

  • He has increased healthcare costs by double in most cases.  
  • He has kept our borders open so enemies can easily come to the United States and kill people.
  • He has changed the debt of our nation from $9 trillion to $20 trillion in just eight short years.  This means it took 232 years for our nation to create $9 trillion of debt, but only eight years under Obama to add an additional $11 trillion.
  • He has lost the respect of many other countries with many of his screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-14-29-pm
    presidential memorandums.  This photo of a nuke bomb in a parade in Russia with, ”This bomb is for Obama” printed on it illustrates this lack of respect.   To me it says a lot about how Obama has made changes with potential enemies.

How could one person have such a gigantic impact on our nation in such a short time?  The answer is straightforward and simple.  We have become a nation of spoiled brats who have sat back and allowed these despicable changes to take place while we pursued more “stuff.”  

  • We want things before we can afford them.  
  • We want things just to have them.  
  • We want, want and want some more.  

Spoiled brat means a person in engrossed in their own self, or more specifically, in their smart phone! 
A few years ago, while traveling in New York City, I had time to wait on the street corner for a taxi to arrive.  The street was hustling and bustling with at least twenty people crisscrossing the sidewalk right in front of me.  I was taking in all the huge billboards, strange sounds, and diversity of people when I saw a large rat scurry out from a brick that had been kicked to the side; the rat was attempting to grab some popcorn that had spilled on the sidewalk.  It darted out and back between many people walking along the sidewalk for a distance of ten feet, over and over again.  I was shocked at how close people’s feet came to touching the rat!  I pointed to the rat and was going to scream to the people, but then I could see they were completely oblivious to anything except their own lives. They were all on a mission and focused so much on what they were doing and where they were going, they never saw the rat.
Our nation has become so busy, so engrossed in their personal lives, they do not pause long enough to the see the activities of the “rats” that have taken hold of their personal lives, families, communities, and country.  I don’t know what this means for our future, but it cannot be good.  So much has been said about change and how the only constant is change, I think we need to be very clear about our own values and our objectives in order to deal with the changes taking place around us that we are not even aware of.
My suggestion is to slow down and really listen.  We can all take more time to see what is really going on around us, to help others in need, take more time to help a child, to get our own families in order.  When our life is over, what will matter most?  I hope you will take five minutes to answer this question and then make changes to your own life that will help you be proud of what you’ve done, who you’ve influenced, and most importantly, what you’ve become.  
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