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The High Cost of Obesity

As workers gain weight, so do the expenses to their employers.  Obesity costs more than $73 billion annually in higher health care costs, according to numerous studies.  Obesity is defined as a body mass index of 30 or higher, (BMI) says Eric Finkelstein, Ph.D.
Here are the sad statistics:  

  1. Obese workers are absent on average one more week each year than other employees of a healthy weight.
  2. Obese workers spend 77 percent more on medications than non-obese people.
  3. Medical expenses are 42 percent higher for an obese person than for a healthy-weight person
  4. The average annual medical costs of an obese person are $1,400 higher than for someone whose BMI is in the normal range.
  5. Obesity-related costs are greater than from using tobacco, alcohol, or being poor and impoverished.  

With obesity there is reduced productivity and at the same time increasing health care costs.  
What to do?  
Wellness programs need to be established and incentivized.  Just as the Money Mastery program focuses on financial wellness, it is imperative that we all individually focus on our physical wellness.  If you aren’t managing your health, you’re probably not doing well making and managing your money either. Learn how to get on top of things by signing up at Money Mastery today!

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