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How Being United Can Help

When parents are united in their efforts to teach and train their children, they get better results than when one parent is very lenient and the other one is strict.  Children learn so fast which parent to go to when they want something.  Being united helps in everyway.  What about being united in the use of smart phones, or eating habits, or how the family spends money?  Being united eliminates all kinds of issues that bring confrontation in families.
Let’s look at two different example families to see how being united can make a big difference:
The “Smiths” are united on how they spend their money.  They have a spending plan.  They have financial pressures just like everyone, but they spend less than they make each month so they can have extra to put away for emergencies.  When their hot water heater broke, at a cost of $889 to replace, they had this money.  There was no family drama to contend with in this case.
Contrast the Smiths with the “Jacobs” family. They spend all their money and never have extra.  When their dishwasher broke down, they had to start washing the dishes by hand, as they did not have money to replace it.  Every evening there were arguments as to who would wash the dishes. In their case,  emotional drama goes on and on for months.
Being united in financial matters is so important, from the way you spend, put items on a credit card, whether you save for emergencies or not, and how to deal with all this without getting into arguments. To learn a simple 7-point system to get you started on the road to united financial management, go to www.moneymastery.com then call me for a no-charge discussion on what I can do to help you and your partner formulate good habits of financial mastery:  (801) 292-1099.

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