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Welcome Change, Then Manage It

Did you know…
Technology is increasing so fast now that the average employee’s position will be replaced or changed every six-and-a-half years? This according to Paul Zane Pilzer in his book God Wants You To Be Rich.   “Did you know that one 1915 workersdaily newspaper has more information about the world than all the knowledge your grandparents learned in a lifetime!” says Pilzer.  That’s just plain crazy! And amazing to think that somehow we are dealing with all of it.
The world has changed rapidly over the past 60 years and those who want to succeed will have to change with it.
For example, in 1985 there were approximately 100,000 people employed in a $2 billion industry manufacturing vinyl records. But by 1990, virtually all these workers had been displaced as the digital CD swept the music world. Who could have foreseen in 1985 that an almost 100 year-old industry that had survived two world wars would dissolve itself in less than five years?
The manufacturing and repairing of mechanical carburetors is another example of how quickly things can change. Electronic fuel injectors, created in the 1980s, have replaced carburetors with cheaper pricing, double the gas mileage and virtually no repairs. Fuel injectors cut air pollution in half and seldom break down. And the most important benefit is that they are less dependent upon oil. The only people who complained when the fuel injector came along were the mechanics and engineers who did not have the skill or will to learn about them. The rest of the world has adapted nicely!
In 1929, when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began, GreatDepressionmany people who had cash on hand made a killing buying properties during forced liquidation sales. In other words, they took advantage of a changing economic market and fared well while others suffered. This was only possible because they were prepared for change.
You too can take advantage of change by ridding yourself of debt and being prepared for the future with a reserve savings account. Learn to welcome change. Work with change. Don’t shy away from it or become intimidated by it.
Money Mastery Principle 6 teaches that the rules are always changing, so be sure to follow these tips in welcoming and dealing wisely with change:

  • Put forth the effort to know the rules.
  • Realize that the rules will always change!
  • Don’t be afraid of change — embrace it.
  • Keep up-to-date on changes in your career field
  • Always keep the BIG PICTURE in mind.
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