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The Right Financial "Recipe" Makes All the Difference…

Most people spend a majority of their lives making four very common financial mistakes —errors they may even consider to be “little” or insignificant but that have a huge impact on their lives every year.  Worse yet, some people aren’t even aware that they make these mistakes at all.
Consider which of them you are making and how they might be impacting your life:
Mistake #1:  Money Mastery coaches have found that most people, on average, are wasting at least $312 every month and could be consuming as much as $495 over what they make each month.  This is costing them at least $3,744 annually and could be as much as $5,900 every year.  What about you?  Have you examined your emotions to see how they  might be affecting your spending habits?  Are you tracking your spending so you can see where you overspend?
Mistake #2:  If you are carrying mortgage and consumer debt, chances are, you are paying three times what you borrowed every month in compounding interest.  In the end, this will cost you on average at least $175,000 extra dollars in interest expense over the next 30 years…and maybe more depending on your debt situation.
Mistake #3: When people are heavily burdened with debt, they are more than likely making the next mistake — that is,they’re not paying themselves a small percentage of their income every month.  If you are making this mistake, it will end up costing you at least $46,000 every year in compound interest that you will not be earning and maybe more depending on your income and situation.
Mistake #4:  The fourth “little” mistake that you are probably making is that you are a W-2 employee and cannot take advantage of tax deductions on the 1040 form that the self-employed can take.  This is costing you between $1,950 and  $9,900 every year in overpaid taxes.
Virtually everyone is making at least two of these mistakes if not all of them.
These are the errors and the numbers that nobody ever tells you about… at least not in these terms and not in this comprehensive context.  Without looking at the economic impact that all of these mistakes together can have on your life, then you are unlikely to see the damage they are causing financially.
While it’s a rather bleak picture, there is hope.  You can learn how to immediately quit making these mistakes!
How?  Through the application of time-proven financial mastery principles asScreen shot 2016-06-01 at 4.07.57 PM taught by Money Mastery.  Money Mastery is the “Betty Crocker” of the financial world, showing you which financial “ingredients” you need, in which order to combine them, and in what amounts in order to back a successful cake, so to speak.
What are those ingredients?
1.   Spending Control
2.   Debt Elimination
3.  Tax Savings
4.  Retirement Savings Maximization
When you treat every aspect of your financial life….your spending, your borrowing, your saving, and your taxation, what’s it worth at a minimum?
•  An average of $312/month in money you don’t know you have!
•  At least $302,000 extra for retirement.
• Debt elimination including your 30-year mortgage in 8 to 10 years.
•  Ethical and legal reduction of your taxes by 49 percent.
A solid financial management program must be able to show you how spending, borrowing, savings and taxation all work together.  It must show you how to treat each as an element of the other and show how they all work together.  And it must teach you what ingredients are needed, in the right amounts, and in the right order.  Only Money Mastery can do this.
When you combine the right ingredients, at the right time and in the right amounts, this provides you with financial security and peace of mind on the income that you are already making!
That’s an important statement….and a powerful one.  If you are not already applying the Money Mastery Principles, now is the time to bring that power into your life:  www.moneymastery.com.

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