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Simple Retirement Planning Tools

Most people do not know how to approach the mathematics of retirement planning because they assume (and I can see why) that there will be so many variables that it will become too complicated to figure out.  There is a better way, an easier way, and one that we have prepared for our clients that you can take advantage of.
Simply go to our online training site:  www.moneymastery.com and sign up for the Select Program, which has a monthly fee of $19.95, but there is no contract and you can cancel the next month if you like. This will give you access to our retirement planning tools, specifically the Money Mastery Retirement Worksheet, which will calculate for you, simply and easily, how much income you will need to have or be saving each month in order to retire the way you would like. 
It makes me sick to my stomach to know 92 percent of all people SocialSecurityapproaching retirement years will be totally dependent upon their Social Security benefits.  The reason most people are so dependent on Social Security is because they have not controlled spending to create a surplus that they can invest in opportunities that can make them more money to live on in retirement. What will happen to you in retirement, when you are on a fixed income, if you have not learned how to control your spending now?
Using retirement planning software, like the Money Mastery worksheet I urge you to try and www.moneymastery.com, will inspire you to get your spending under control, get your debt paid off, and know exactly what you need to do right now, each month in order to have a decent retirement and not be dependent on Social Security. I’m talking adding at least 25 percent more to your monthly retirement income if you will just take action now. Don’t wait!

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