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Printing More Money Is Creating a Bubble that Will Burst — Be Prepared for It!

My grandchildren have lots of fun with soap bubbles.  They twirl around among the many bubbles floating all around our yard.  They step on them and try to catch them — it’s really fun to watch.
But another kind of bubble isn’t so fun to play with. It’s the bubble the Federal Bank is creating by printing so much money!  Everyone knows that all bubbles eventually burst.  What results will occur when this financial bubble pops?  No one knows.  We have never been this far into such nonsense in our lifetime.  My folks went through such a bubble burst during the Great Depression and from that experience they have thrifty habits.  But you and I don’t have a clue what will happen to our personal lives, government, economics, businesses, or property ownership.
Many people claim they knew when they next downturn will happen, because they say they can look at history and predict with accuracy.  But it’s faulty to assume to you can accurately predict when all you do is say that there will be an economic crash every year for 20 years and then finally be right.  If a pundit only preaches gloom and doom, they will eventually be right.  Then they show dates and times when they “recently forecasted” this disaster.  What a bunch of cow waste.  But what about when things go up and do well?  Why can’t they demonstrate both directions?  So let’s prepare in advance and hope it never happens.
Here is a short list of how to prepare for an economic melt down: 

  1. Have some silver and gold in a safe deposit box.  
  2. Keep some cash dollars along with the silver and gold.  You decide how much extra money to stockpile but get it done.  
  3. Gather six months of food and water storage.  Use this food occasionally and decide if you like a freezer full of prepared meals, or dehydrated foods, or wheat and rice.  But get this ready to go because if you need this storage, and don’t have it, it will be too late.
  4. Get biodegradable bags to hold waste from your toilet.  Just like ranchers make fertilizer out of cow manure, you can too, if you know how.  But learn how to do this before you need to.
  5. Plan for an electric generator.  It’s easier to store propane gas than regular automobile gasoline.  So get a generator that runs on propane, as well as gasoine.  This will keep your fridge and freezer gong until you can use the food in it or home can it.
  6. Get a water storage container and have at least 500 gallons available, then go to REI or a camping store and purchase water purification products.

This kind of preparation is like a parachute, if you ever need one and you don’t have one, you will never need one again.  Bubbles are fun, but some will burst and leave you with stinging solution in your eyes.  Prepare in advance while you can.

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