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Personal Organization is a Must… Here Is the Easy Method

What would the ocean look like if we all took all the things we purchase and seldom use and put them out on the ocean to float for all to see?  Certainly it would look like a suspended junkyard, hovering in the water. I’m sure the amount of “stuff” that would collect in huge piles would be a disgusting illustration of just how much we have in our lives that we simply do not use nor keep organized.

Perhaps your closet is a reminder of just how much stuff you have accumulated and when you consider cleaning it out you get overwhelmed with the amount of time and energy it will take. How about cleaning and organizing your garage?  As you get started on it, maybe you quit and say, “Not now!”  But if you don’t want to do it now, when will you do it? Why do we procrastinate getting organized?

What do you think it costs you and me by not being organized?  If you cannot find your auto insurance policy you may never be able to compare rates. What about discounts on clothing by going to stores during big spring sales promotions?  What about all the money you could save on groceries using coupons, if only you were organized enough to utilize them?
We are all creatures of habit who seldom change.  No one likes change and we get so pressed with time that we just put off doing things we know we really need to do but we tell ourselves, “I will do it later. “  A vivid exampleTax Drawers of this would be when you die.  Family members must “clean out your closet” and really “clean out your garage and drawers” and especially, “clean up all financial affairs.”  This is when they will find out a lot more about you, as they clean up after you.
Unless you are one of the few people who are always organized, please read on for a simple method of organization that can have many of your closets, drawers, and shelves organized in just a few hours — I promise, it works.
Start with one dresser, desk, or filing cabinet drawer.  Turn it upside down on a large plastic garbage bag.  Then only take what you really need and put it where it belongs, or back in that same draw.  Then pick up the bag and throw it in the garbage.  Repeat this for each drawer until you work your way to your closet, then finish with the garage.  Sound easy?  It can be, if you add one drawer or closet as you go, and set a time limit as to when you will be completed with that first drawer, the second one, and so forth.
To set time limits, when you turn that first drawer upside down and examine the contents, estimate how many minutes you think it will take to be thorough  yet done.  Then set an alarm that will ring when the time limit is reached.  If you set 20 minutes and are able to meet this goal, then you know this time limit is reasonable and that you will probably get even more efficient with your time as you move through subsequent drawers, closets, shelves and cupboards. Concentrating on just one drawer at a time ensures that you will not get overwhelmed and quit before you even get really into the process. Having a time limit is also helpful because it emotionally puts limits on things in your mind, which also helps you keep from feeling overwhelmed or that the task will “last forever.”  Can you imagine being completely organized, cleaned out and freshly put together in many areas of your home or office in no more than a few hours?
If you will just get started, it can happen.  Get that garbage bag and turn over the drawer and then set your time limit and meet that goal.  You will learn not to put things in that drawer again that do not belong there because you have taught yourself where things go and you will stay organized.  I know you can do this! ☺

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