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Time Is the Most Valuable Asset We Have…

Much has been said about money and its importance in our lives.  It is difficult to live in this country without money, for sure.  In contrast, money can buy “time on the beach.” Enough money allows us to purchase better healthcare and live a more quality life and theoretically a much longer life.
So, time is really what we want, not money.  If we don’t make enough money, we have to spend more time at work trying to get it.  Time is money in many cases, but money doesn’t necessarily get us more time.  Time is of the essence.  That seems to mean we must hurry up and get things done.  But without clearly established objectives, we are left to spin our wheels without going anywhere.
Since we all have the same amount of time (everyone has 24 hours), why do some people get more done with their 24 hours when compared to others?  The answer is that some people get much more done with the same 24 hours because they track their time and hold themselves accountable, just as Money Mastery Principle 2 teaches as it relates to money:  “When you track it, you control it.”
Just as with wasted time that is not tracked and used responsibly,shutterstock_254497954 when a person makes money and gives little thought to how it is spent, they are disrespecting themselves.  If we go through our day but not holding ourselves accountable for our time, we are spending our lives foolishly.  I suggest you track your time each day for a week, then you will see for yourself where you are losing sight of the most important objectives in your life.  Track it, so you can value time and feel rewarded by getting the most out of your life.  Time is more valuable than money so it goes without saying that we should be concerned about the way we spend our time first. As we learn to track our time, it won’t be hard to transfer that habit over to the way we handle money, tracking it carefully to see what we value and so that we can learn to control what we have earned.  If we don’t examine how we spend our time, who will? If we don’t examine how we spend our money, who will?  Principles of time and money management are the same.  Learn them and live them, and it is only a matter of time before you will come out on top.

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