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Never Be Without Money Again

Money Mastery has tools and training materials to help anyone get better control of their finances.   Some examples include how-to guides, digital books, online training materials, powerful financial forecasting software, mobile phone tracking apps, and much more. These are all helpful, but they remain the “what” part of the Money Mastery system.
The more important question to ask is “why do you need the Money Mastery program?” 
The “why” questions, if you have the courage to ask them, get to the heart of your financial problems and will reveal to you what you need to do to solve them.
Some key WHY questions to ask:

  • WHY Money Mastery and not something else?  
  • WHY track your spending?
  • WHY create a Spending Plan (instead of a budget)?
  • WHY track that plan?
  • WHY build a Get Out of Debt report?
  • WHY calculate money needed to be saved today for a strong retirement?  

The answer to all these “whys?” So you will never be out of money.  That’s why! Never again be without money!
What if you wake up tomorrow morning and your hot water heater has broken open and flooded your basement?  This is a common event in my life.  It happens about every ten years.  As you learn to implement a Spending Plan, tracking, and how to save for emergencies while still paying off debt, as the Money Mastery system teaches,  you will be prepared for these kind of emergencies so you don’t have to put that water heater on a credit card, going further into debt and eliminating more money from your life.
What if tomorrow you wake up dead?  If you knew how to be truly Cemeteryfinancially organized, as taught in the Money Mastery program, your family will have the money they need to continue living a happy life.
What if you receive a notice that the IRS will audit your tax returns for the last three years?  If you were using the Money Mastery tracker, you are already prepared and the audit will last less than 30 minutes.   Your effort in tracking deductions and categorizing them for a permanent record makes sure this audit is short one, without any pressure and without the threat of the IRS taking more money away from you.
What if you have an opportunity to purchase an antique automobile for $3,400, the same model you drove as a teenager?  Money Mastery has taught you how to have surplus “emotional” money just for such an expense and the cash needed to repair the vehicle, letting you indulge, guilt-free I might add, in a purchase you make for yourself for the sheer fun of it. You have the money to do it because you have expressly saved it for this purpose. Money Mastery has prepared you for this sort of thing.
shutterstock_156072053What if you have a child who qualifies to go to their dream college, Harvard Law School?  Because you have ensured your own secure future, and have been helping your child learn how to secure their’s as well, you both have the means to make sure he or she can go where they need to go, and graduate without crushing student loans.
Money Mastery literally addresses all your personal financial needs and wants. You can focus on the negative drama surrounding money, or make your life simple, easy, peaceful, and complete using the tools and techniques taught by the Money Mastery program.  Begin asking yourself today, “why have I been willing to be without money for so long?” Instead, never be without money again and build wealth on any income starting now. 
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