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How Principles vs. Products Help Solve Financial Problems…

Isn’t it ironic that the methods most financial planners recommend to get money matters under control often require you to spend more of your hard-earned money?  Rather than help save you money, these methods actually require you to dish out more for insurance products, investment services, estate planning, and so forth.

While some of these products can be helpful in very specific circumstances, they don’t strike at the heart of the real problem behind true money mastery.

Without a foundation of solid, time-proven principles that can help alter the way you think about money and the methods by which you control it, you may find temporary relief using some of these financial services, but inevitably long-term problems will return.  Only through the power of principle-based thinking can you make lasting end meaningful change.
As Stephen Covey has said in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “There are basic principles of effective living, and…people can only experience true success and enduring happiness as they learn and integrate these principles into their basic character.”
The Danger of Relying on Products
Don and Keisha Martinelli* are a good example of what happens when we do not integrate principles into our lives and rely on products instead.  The couple lived on the East Coast and were struggling to make ends meet. They had three boys all under the age of seven and were concerned about financing their children’s college education.  Don was working 14-hour days as a controller for a corporation in Manhattan, but even with the long hours, they couldn’t seem to get their finances under control.  Lured by the StockBrokerprospect of a “quick-fix” the Martinellis invested in a business venture that never took off because they didn’t have the time to put into it, forcing them into further debt.
As the Martinellis learned, the hard way, the road to wealth and security cannot be bought.  It must be earned through principle-based thinking.
Principles can do several things for you financially:

  • They help change emotional perceptions about money.  This in turn helps you understand why you spend and borrow.
  • They help improve family relationships because they advocate a system or plan of action, which in turn eliminates stress.
  • They help you gain immediate control because they point out weak spots and areas that need improving.

They help you understand that it’s not about the amount of money you make, but rather how wisely that money is used that counts.
…But best of all, principle-based money management does not require any additional money out of your pocket to implement. Applying principles, such as those taught by the Money Mastery system, you can do all of the following:

  1. Get your emotions about money under control so you rarely argue with your spouse or partner about money.
  2. Find an extra $300 (on average) per month you are wasting.
  3. Begin savings for emotional, emergency and long-term needs.
  4. Get out of all debt, including your mortgage in under 9 years.
  5. Organize your finances so that you minimize taxes and protect loved ones in case of your death.
  6. Double, even triple, your retirement income.
  7. Learn how to create a predictable retirement that you cannot outlive.
  8. Learn how to put your money and resources in motion to make you more money.

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