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Like the Millennials, It's Time to Shake Things Up

Millennials have grown up with Moore’s Law, which predicts that every 12 to 18 months technology will more than double, all the while becoming half as expensive.  They are used to these improvements coming along every two years and they plan on it.  Older people haven’t taken an interest in the exponential growth of technology and, I think, are missing out on a lot of exciting new experiences.MooresLaw2-640x429
An early example of Moore’s Law can be found in the vinyl record manufacturing industry.  Record companies made flat round disks that played on a revolving phonograph at 45 or 33.3 speeds. These companies were around for 50 years or so but in the 1970s, the 8-track tape deck was introduced and replaced vinyl records within one year. Just when we all purchased these 8-track players, then came the small cassette tape with handheld recorders. Then VHS players came along and you could hook them to your TV and watch incredible movies.  Each change put someone out of business and introduced new success stories for others.
In the new millennium, the iPod, MP3 and smartphones were all introduced offering texting, skyping, high-quality photography, videography, and much, much more.  It has been so exciting to watch technology expand and, just like Moore’s Law predicts, pricing for such amazing advances has dropped like a rock in the last five years.  I love my iPhone and 64 gigs of memory, with Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn, and of course Pinterest and Twitter.
I wonder what will be next?  I certainly look forward to these innovations.  Whole industries have been replaced and many new opportunities have popped up to replace them, making technology open to all… which brings me to YOU.
How can you benefit, on a personal level?  What difference might all this new technology mean for you? I suggest you embrace new technology.  A friend of mine just got his college degree in IT at age 64.  He has worked with computers for the last 30 years and watched as all the changes and improvement have been made. Most recently the college he attended was on the cutting edge.  He learned so much he could not believe how much this education has helped him.
If you need more income, or you want to add excitement to your life, it’s never too late to learn new things, to take advantage of new technology, to expand your mind. If you’re sitting at home, bored and “retired” it may be time to redefine retirement and get excited about new possibilities for growth and learning. Take adult continuing education courses to test your sincere desire in entering a new field then try it and see how it “fits.”
You could sit back in fear and think how far behind you are in the world and that you can never catch up but I dare you to stretch yourself and get involved in new technology, new education, new online activity. Shake your tree and see how many nuts fall out!

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