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Twin Brothers Go Different Directions Financially

We can learn by watching others, I certainly did.  When I was growing up, I had three older brothers and two of them were twins.  They looked identical in every way.  A funny experience we had at a family reunion proved how close they looked alike.  We were all married at the time and each family had three or four children, ages 2 to 14.  When the photographer asked each family to sit for a picture, my twin brothers thought it would be interesting to switch families, just to see if their wives and children would notice. As each family was being posed together by the photographer, the wife of one of my twin brothers noticed instantly what was happening. But each brother smiled and asked the wife not to say anything.  As the children gathered and sat for the picture, not one child detected the lie.  Later they showed the pictures to their children and had a great laugh.
My twin brothers have remained close friends for over 70 years now.  They received different levels of education, had vastly different careers, and earned different amounts of money.  But they remained identical in many other ways — they both went bald at the same age, around 35 and they both gained weight at about the same rate.  But financially speaking, they both achieved success in very different ways from each other. Both of them have taught me wonderful financial principles, although they each took a different path to learn them, which I have implemented in my own family. Here is a link to a video clip lasting 5 minutes that illustrates what may happen when financial decisions take us two different directions.  
After you have listened to this short story of twin brothers, go to www.moneymastery.com and create your own spending plan.  Sign into the free Basic online training course and implement what you have learned.

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