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Why We Are All Spoiled Brats…

Interest rates are the lowest in the last 5,000 years of the entire world. Yet the world’s economy is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.  When we compare our the U.S. economic situation to the rest of the world, it is like the cleanest shirt in the dirty laundry basket.  I wonder what the next 100 years of history will show for our time on earth?  By then, the Mellenials will have all come and gone.  There will probably have been many more innovations.  What can we do to stop future financial upheaval? I think we can stop and be grateful for all that has come before us to make our financial prosperity possible, even if we don’t manage it very well.
Here are a few historical perspectives to help.  Our nation was founded by Pilgrims.  The risks they took show courage at every turn.  Thanksgiving is a celebration of their foresight, determination and desire to have religious freedom.  These courageous Pilgrims set the stage for what was to follow.
The next major historical event that came along was when our forefathers decided to fight back against Great Brittan’s iron rule.  We celebrate July 4th each year because of this victory by a rag-tagRevolutionaryWar army, under-supplied, with no training and very little money.  
Then came our terrible Civil War.  This touched each and every family.  This war shaped the Black equality and the future rights for women. We celebrate President’s Day each February to remember the leadership and courage Washington and Lincoln exhibited.
Another major development in our nation was the Homestead Act.   This  law allowed anyone with enough courage and adventure to pick out a section of land one-mile square and own, operate, and improve it.  This event established many cities and states.
By 1900 the Industrial Revolution was getting underway.  This gave rise to the automobile.  Ford Motors was able to stamp out affordable cars priced low enough that most families could own one.  Travel expanded, as well as our economic development.  We celebrate Labor Day each September to highlight this event.
World War I & II shaped our nation in a whole different way and touched every family is some difficult ways.  Scare items such as Airplanerubber, sugar, gasoline, and a college education all became luxuries that were hard to acquire.  We use D-day each year to remember the many sacrifices given.
From the 1950’s until today, commercial airplanes have become an inexpensive and safe mode of travel.  I take for granted that I can book a flight for a business trip, or vacation, and cross our country in just a few hours in comfort and safety.
Many more historical events have shaped our nation including the Civil Rights Movement, the Viet Nam War, the Internet and the explosion of personal digital technology.
With the ease of travel, instant communications, increased farm production and amazing medical advancements, we have all become soft and spoiled rotten. Our nation has become so dependent on easy things, like easy credit, fast-food, etc. that I think we have lost our courage to do hard things.  I wonder what will be the next big thing that will change our lives…
We can only dream what might yet come along.  For me, this time of year is a time to be thankful for all those who paid a dear price to allow my life to be so soft and easy.  I suggest we pause and look at what we really consider most important.  I will write more thank you notes.  I will look for more opportunities to serve people less fortunate.  I will take more time to reflect on my eyesight, functioning legs, and ears that hear.  I will be more grateful for all the financial blessings and amazing prosperity I have that have been made possible by those who came before me and I will work to help others learn how to manage better that prosperity so that going forward we can show a better economic record than we currently do.  In short, I will be more grateful.  

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