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A Principled Approach to Your Financial Confusion

Is the Federal Reserve going to raise interest rates, or not?  What does that mean to me? It seems that prices have inflated more than what you read about in the financial news.  What if I lose my job?  Is my wife’s second income really worthwhile?  How do I prepare for retirement?  Whose financial advice am I to believe?  Why doesn’t my debt go down when I pay extra?  Everyone is screaming at me to buy, buy, buy!  Why do I always seem to have more month than money?  I feel lost!  I am so frustrated and confused!!
Perhaps you’ve asked one or all of these questions at some point in your life. There is an answer to these financial frustrations and to confusion over how to handle money, and it’s not just the idea of making more money!  The answer is to simplify these many issues down to the basics.  
The Basics. The way to get back to the basics is to get back to time-proven, foundational principles. Principles can be viewed as “concentrated truth.” If you apply the following 10 Principles of “concentrated truth” to your financial life, EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER!
1. Spending is Emotional. This means that spending money is shutterstock_44998930 (800x600)more than just math. There are feelings and emotions behind the way you spend, and there is positive power in acknowledging the strength you have to make decisions that will help you be financially better than you think you can be.  Having a plan for spending and living within the plan gives you a feeling of confidence, control, and financial peace.  You will love the feeling of power you get when you do more than just survive and begin progressing and succeeding in your own unique circumstance.
2. When You Track Your Money You Control It. Nothing is worse than feeling like you aren’t in control of your own finances. Knowing what you have available to spend in each expense category before making a spending decision, puts you in control of your money. This little-known secret of spending control will give you independence and a sense of power, knowing you aren’t just living paycheck-to-paycheck but that you have money left over at the end of every month.
3. Savings is Actually Delayed Spending. This means that savings is planned for the long-term, for emergencies and for emotional spending needs.  You can feel good knowing that this money is in place for a specific purpose, and that it is meant to be spent only when you choose that it is right to do so.
4. When You Power Down Your Debt You Power Up Your Fortune. Getting out of debt is like removing a two-ton weight from your shoulders. When you live this principle you can make fantastic progress toward your financial dreams and become part of Debtan elite group that chooses the opportunity to pay themselves rather than others.
5. Know the Rules.  This strengthens your financial gain in the game of life.  You will feel good having a basis with which to maintain your financial independence and determine the best options for your money, thereby minimizing fear of financial theft or other losses.
6. The Rules Are Always Changing. To know this allows you to maintain control even amid financial uncertainty, doubt and fear.  It is about changing how you deal with the frustration of all this uncertainty, so that you can anticipate and adapt more easily, becoming part of a select group of people who accelerate their financial progress.
7. Always Look at the Big Picture. This brings balance into your life because living this principle helps you know where you want to go financially and how to get there.  It will give you a wonderful feeling to have a plan for your future and the power to work the plan, entitling you to financial hope, growth and opportunity.
8. Organizing Your Finances Enables the Creation of Additional Wealth.  When you are organized financially, you are more likely to have something to leave your loved ones. A systematic approach to finances eliminates the uncertainty about how to organize your estate and helps you maintain it, worry-free.  This principle simplifies estate planning, taking the mystery out of setting up wills, trusts, medical directives, etc.
9. Understanding Taxation Enables You to Retain More of TaxYour Money. All of us feel frustrated about taxation, but it is a fact of life.  So we want to help change the way you think about taxes and learn how to pay just the right amount of tax at just the right time. Living this principle lets you increase your deductions, reduce legally and ethically the amount of taxes required by law that you must pay, and use that saved money to build a solid financial future.
10. Money in Motion Creates More Money. It’s a fact of life that you can get your money to do more than one thing at a time, thus creating more wealth with which to build your financial future. You can be in control of your money at all times.  If you are tired of making the same financial mistakes, it is not too late to learn the magic of this Principle – you CAN put your money to work for you to make you more money. Many before you have done it and so can you.
For more information on how to apply these Principles contact Alan at 8019292-1099, alan@moneymastery.com.

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