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Why a Properly Structured Whole Life Insurance Policy Can Maximize Your Money

Much has been said about whole life insurance, or indexed universal life.  Both are considered “permanent” policies because they can be guaranteed to pay a death benefit up and until age 121.
My research online found hundreds of articles and videos for, and against, using permanent insurance as an investment, or as a place to store money for retirement.  My research was pretty thorough as I checked out every site on several pages on my Web browser until I found a treatment on whole life insurance that I consider fair and comprehensive. I have included the links to several short (5 minute) videos that will teach you why purchasing a whole life policy, properly structured from a dividend-paying insurance company, can be the best tool for accumulating wealth during your lifetime and then leave a strong legacy to your loved ones upon your death.  I have no idea who created these clips but in my 45 years of selling insurance products, they are very good.
CAUTION:  The personal application of the information contained in these videos requires a licensed and trained professional insurance agent.  I encourage you to watch them to broaden your perspective about how to better fund retirement.  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 1:  Sets up the premise of keeping your money within your own control by putting it in motion to make more money for you. This is an introductory video for the clips that follow explaining how to be your own banker using the techniques that will be outlined in each subsequent clip. 
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 2:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 3:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 4:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 5:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 6:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 7:  Explains whole life insurance vs. term insurance.  If whole life is properly structured, the cash values can be used but it will still earn money.
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 8:  Compares two accounts.  Stresses that rate-of-return is not the most important to compound your wealth.
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 9:  
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 10:  Explains that whole life is flexible.  Teaches how to use money over and over again, for anything and maintaining control and use of your money.
Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 11:  

Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 12:  
Can use whole life just like a bank would to qualify for a loan, except you are the president of the bank.  No qualifying, no collateral, no credit checks, no fees, and no taxes.

Becoming Your Own Banker, Concept 13:  After you have your own whole life policy for awhile you learn to like not paying an interest expense, no more cycling of interest rates up and down.  Your self-confidence increases, as you don’t have to pledge your home or cars as collateral.  And you have less anxiety by not wondering about market risks.
Just as a final note and my own personal recommendation,  I have found two policies types to be the best.  The best for you will depend on the amount of your cash flow.  Contact me for a specific illustration for either one:

  1. High Early Cash Value policy (HECV), from Mass Mutual.
  2. Patriot 100, from Lafayette Life.

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