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Are You Financially "Puzzled?"

There are four elements that make up your financial plan:

  1. Spending
  2. Debt
  3. Taxes
  4. Savings/Retirement

These elements are like pieces of a puzzle, and they dictate the consequence of your financial decision making.  They are very important, and the funny thing is that you are already aware of these four puzzle pieces.  Who doesn’t try to shop and spend carefully?  Everyone wants to get out of debt, and stay out of debt.  All the clients I have met wish they didn’t have to pay so much in taxes.  And by the time you reach age 35 and older, you are realizing real concerns about having enough money for retirement.
Oh yes, you know of these four things, but what you don’t know about them is hurting you.  What you don’t know wasn’t taught to you in school, college, or by your parents, friends and other so-called financialyellowpiece “experts.”  And yet what you don’t know is costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.  Thus, you are puzzled – you have the pieces, they are sitting on your “kitchen table” so to speak, in a pile, but they just don’t fit.  That’s because no one has taught you how to put the pieces together so they make sense and work together in harmony. No puzzle looks good until the pieces are fitted together.  Financially speaking, the pieces of your puzzle must be fitted together in order to make a pretty financial picture.
Now that you understand that your finances are nothing more than the four pieces of a puzzle, to be successful with your money is only a matter of putting the puzzle together.  To do this you need to understand that spending, debt, taxes and savings/retirement are interdependent and must work together with each other. For example, spending money to put gas in your car has something to do with retirement.  Paying on debt has something to do with saving emergency money each month. The amount of money you pay in taxes has something to do with how much you can spend on clothes and groceries.  And so it goes… How you treat (as in plan, process, prioritize) your money affects everything financial, all the time.
redpieceHere is the secret to personal financial management that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to those that learn what they don’t now know:  How to apply all four of the puzzle pieces AT THE SAME TIME!!  This is the secret, nothing more, nothing less. 
You can safely assume that you don’t know how to do this, but you can learn, and you should waste no time getting around to learning it. To do this you need a system.  There is only one system available that holistically teaches how to fit your puzzle pieces together. There are many programs that entertain some of the elements herein, such as mint.com, daveramsey.com, suzeorman.com, johnummuta.com, and many others.  But none of them provide what www.moneymastery.com provides.  Money Mastery shows how to fit your financial puzzle together, forever.
For more information on how to make your finances a pretty picture, contact Alan at 801-292-1099, alan@moneymastery.com

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