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Tell, Teach or Involve: Which Is the Best Learning Method?

Money is a big and important subject in our lives.  You can argue religion, taxes, politics and sex, but in my opinion, money trumps them all.  So how can you best learn more about personal money management?  Many people turn to books, some will talk to their accountant (or even their next door neighbor who thinks he is an accountant). Perhaps they will talk to a banker or even visit with parents and pastors.  There is of course value in seeking out information from these sources, but I’d like to showcase a better way to deal with financial issues, the way we teach people to deal with those issues through the Money Mastery system.
It can best be explained by a little quote by Benjamin Franklin:Benjamin Franklin

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin shared his wisdom with the world many years ago.  In modern times, Money Mastery has taken learning by involvement to a new high.  Using the Money Mastery online training system, a person can get totally involved, very quickly I might add, in their own financial situation and see just as quickly how they can get their spending under control, get out of all debt (mortgage included) in under 10 years, and create a predictable retirement they cannot outlive. Using powerful forecasting software they can create spending and debt plans that include all the calculations for income, taxes, expenses, interest charges, amortizations, etc.  Now that is INVOLVEMENT!!  To do all these calculations and do them in minutes, requires powerful, yet simple-to-use software applications.  Money Mastery has built these programs and online training apps and made them available for free.
For example, when a person can use a simple form to enter basic financial information and find out exactly when they will be out of debt, this is dynamic success.  It allows a person to make much better decisions.  When a person can look at their spending plan and know exactly how much money they have left for groceries in the month, they can better plan what they purchase.  This is involved learning at its finest!
In addition to online forecasting software, Money Mastery also offers these dynamic ways to become more involved in your own financial management process:

  • Financial Assessment. The Money Mastery assessment asks 12 very specific questions about your financial situation and rates how well you are doing with personal money management.  The assessment shows you where you are weak and what areas you need to work on first. 
  • Online Education Portal. Money Mastery clients have access to high-quality online education and can choose from a variety of courses, both simple and more advanced, to learn how to make the most out of their personal financial management efforts. These courses include 150+ case studies about people who solved their financial problems.  These stories hold examples of courage, triumphs over challenges and awe-inspiring financial success.
  • Personal One-on-One Coaching. The Money Mastery program offers the option of getting personal, one-on-one coaching with a financial mentor who can answer your most pressing questions about your particular financial situation.

I just want you to know how easy it is to be involved in your own finances. Involvement is the key.  When the banking industry documents that 27 percent of all their customers don’t even balance their checkbook, this shows me that there’s currently a lot of UN-involvement.  If you want to learn fast and get in total control of your finances, come to where involvement is our middle name:  Money “Involvement” Mastery. 

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