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Let's See What Taxes Americans Actually Pay

Before I list the various kinds of taxes we all pay, I want to point out that tax revenue is important and needed for municipal services such as roads, telephone service, and other public services used by all. What I contest is that when new taxes crop up, there seems to be no cross-checking, or re-examination of why a certain tax was created in the first place.
Fair share. Of course we should all pay our fair share of taxes for the services we use, but the problem is what is a “fair share?” Ignorance knows no boundaries.  If a person does not get informed about the rules surrounding the payment of a certain tax, they will undoubtedly pay more than their “fair share.”
How does a person go about learning the tax rules that will help them determine if they are paying only their fair share?  There are lots of good online resources but this requires time that many won’t take in order to become informed. There are always tax preparers but how do you find the right one.  I interviewed a new H&R Block employee to determine his competence level and was appalled to discover that he only had to complete two hours of training before he was allowed to prepare a tax return. Hmmm, two hours?  That’s a joke!  I am sure there are many simple tax returns that could be prepared in less time and with better results using a software program!
In my experience, you should interview at least five tax preparers before making a choice and choose the one that helps you learn the most about your own taxes and requires you to do proper tracking andshutterstock_224050600 documentation so they will have the documents to accurately prepare your return (go with a CPA over a tax preparer if you can).
Not so fair.  Okay, with all that said, I will now list 33 taxes that
Americans must contend with.  This is just my effort at gathering them all together, I may have missed a few.  You decide after reading the list if you think you’re paying your fair share in taxes.
Auto registration and licensing fees (an indirect tax)
Building permit tax
Capital gains tax
CDL license tax
Cigarette tax
Corporate income tax
Court fine (an indirect tax)
Dog license tax
Federal income tax
Federal unemployment tax (FUTA)
Fishing license tax
Food license tax
Fuel permit tax
Gasoline tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting license tax
IRS penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor tax
Local income tax
Luxury tax
Marriage license tax
Medicare tax
Property tax
Real estate tax
Recreational vehicle tax
Road usage tax (truckers)
Sales tax
Septic tank permit tax
Social Security tax (FICA)
School tax
State income tax
State unemployment tax (SUTA)
Telephone federal excise tax
Telephone federal universal service fee tax
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn more about taxes so you can reduce both ethically and legally, the amount of taxes you are actually required to pay by law. To do so, pick up the book MONEY: What Financial “Experts” Will Never Tell You (Williams, Jeppson, and Botkin, available at Amazon.com). 

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