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Student Athletes Make More Money

A recent study I read shows student athletes make more money in their life time than non-participating youth.  I recall my own student years and the impact my coaches have had on me.  These people mean the world to me as they helped me form positive attributes that would guide me throughout my life. Here’s some life lessons I have learned as a student athlete that support these recent findings:
Time management.  If I came late to practice the coach taught me how I was negatively impacting the team.  Sometimes he would not put me in the game because he claimed someone else had earned the spot, and he was right.
Persistence.  Initially, I had trouble serving the ball properly but my coach was patient until I could finally get it.  We rejoiced together and the whole team gave me high fives.
Dependence on other teammates.  My team members were awesome at setting me up to score. Even less talented players were needed to put forth their average effort to allow me to shine.  So I learned that, as for me, myself, alone, I was not the most important member on the team, but working together with my teammates I could10030 achieve so much more.
Personal dependability and the willingness to follow directions. When my coach was disappointed in me he was kind enough to teach me where I messed up, then I learned to do my best so as to not let anyone down on my team.
Confidence and self respect.  When my coach and other team members congratulated me on a job well done, I gained confidence.  These events accumulated until I learned that in a small way I was important to the team.  I witnessed parents doing just the opposite.  They berated and openly criticized the coach (and sometimes their child) from the sidelines.  To me, this was a horrible display of immaturity.  But when I witnessed this, I learned to have confidence even more for what I knew was right.  As a parent, I have been very careful to support my kids’ coaches and especially to be supportive of them. There’s nothing worse than a parent who is putting his own kid down in front of others over an athletic game!
A coach is an artist. They were artists to me because they had to constantly “draw pictures” so I could understand my role.  The coach’s “picture-drawing” ability had to change for each player because we all learned at different speeds.  I cannot count how many different pictures my coaches have had to draw for me  But draw they did, and all the teams I played on soared because of them.
It is little wonder why a youth who participates on a team makes more money over their lifetime.  They learn important life skills that can help them later in life, skills of self reliance and resilience that are needed in today’s complex financial world. I highly recommend letting your children who want to be involved in sporting activities get involved.  Your child does not even have to be good at a particular sport — the fact that they have the opportunity to learn all of these wonderful attributes from participating is worth all the effort.

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