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Giving Back: The Law that Helps Control Finances

There is a law about money that all the great financial gurus and wealthy individuals know and live by but which is seldom lived by those who are not in control of their finances. It’s called the Law of Giving Back. It can be categorized with other little-known laws practiced by the greats that have to do with the Law of Attraction.
Here’s how it works…
The more you think about money, clutching it to yourself to make sure yo have enough to spend on your every want or worried that you won’t have enough to pay the bills, the less money you attract to yourself. The more needy and anxious people become over money, and the tighter their grip on it, the more they repel wealth and prosperity and the less they actually attract to themselves.
But the opposite is also true. When you are willing to give some of your money away, you are more likely to attract more of it to yourself. Giving money to a church, charity, or to those in need, even when you feel least able to do so, will automatically attract more money to you. Giving money back to others causes money to naturally flow toward you.
As noted above, some people are already aware of this law and are living it by paying “tithing” to their church (usually 10 percent of their monthly income…this is what “tithe” means:  10 percent). If you are not associated with any church congregation or religion, you can still live this law by deciding on a realistic, yet meaningful amount, and donating it to a charity or other organization devoted to causes that you support. Doing so will change your focus from one of cheapness and hoarding to one of generosity and abundance. It will help curb your need to spend impulsively, help calm your fears about economic hardship that may come your way, and will flood you with feelings of satisfaction that will make dealing with the daily financial struggles of life much easier.
Giving to a church, charity, or other worthy cause will open you to all that is meant to be yours. Giving away makes you more open to receive. When you live this law, coupling it with a realistic definition of your own needs and desires, and learn how to meet those needs appropriately, you can then create surplus to help others. That surplus is the absolute emotional thrill — ultimately more meaningful than the brief excitement that comes from impulse spending, and certainly more joyful than terrible feelings of fear and guilt that come from spending more than you have.

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