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A Person Without Savings is Always Running…

The following empowering statement by A.F. Bannerman on the importance of savings is worth sharing here:

“Your savings, believe it or not, affect the way you stand, the way you walk, the tone of your voice — in short, your physical well being and self confidence. A man without savings is always running. He must take the first job offered. He sits nervously on life’s chairs because any small emergency throws him into the hands of others.
“Without savings, a man is often fearful of the present and the future. Being in a constant state of fear is a horrible place in which to live. A man with savings can walk tall. He may appraise opportunities in a relaxed way, have time for judicious estimates and intelligent decisions. He need not be rushed by life’s problems or economic necessity.
“A man with savings can afford to resign from his work, if his principles so dictate. A man who can afford to change his work is much more valuable. He can afford to give his company the benefit of his most candid judgments.
“A man always concerned about the immediate necessities, such as food, rent, school, and medical needs, cannot afford to think in long-range career goals.
“A man with savings can afford the wonderful privilege of being generous in family or other emergencies. Emergencies become opportunities for service; they help shape personality and develop character.
“Schools do not teach thrift. Schools do not teach work habits. However, a man with savings can teach his children by example how to have a more successful and worry free life.
“The ability to save has nothing to do with the size of man’s income. Many high-income people spend it all, and are forever on a treadmill, always working — never able to rest. Many years ago, the dean of American bankers, J.P. Morgan, advised a young broker: ‘Take waste out of your spending and you’ll drive the haste out of your life.’
“If you don’t need money for college, a home, or retirement, then save for your self confidence and you can take a level stare from the eyes of any man, whether he be friend or stranger. Start paying yourself regularly, because the state of your savings does have a lot to do with how tall you stand and how relaxed you walk.”

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