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What Happens When You Have Money But Are Afraid to Use It?

Consider one of my clients, age 50, single, living in a home without a mortgage. She has some 401(k) funds, receives some alimony payments from her former spouse, and has $150,000 cash in passbook savings.  Sounds good!  Yes, but she’s afraid of losing the passbook savings that have taken a lifetime with heartache, to accumulate.
The primary questions my client had when we first spoke were:

  1. How do I protect my money so I can’t lose it?
  2. Do I have enough money for retirement, and will it last me until I die?
  3. How can I use this money wisely?

The primary concerns my client had were:
Whom can I turn to for advice?  My accountant?  No, because I don’t have one that shares my concerns or who I know well enough to trust.  Financial advisers I have met? No, because if I am not providing my-goalsmoney for them to invest for me, they don’t have time to talk about my fears, uncertainties and doubts.  My family?  No, because they know less than I do.  My friends?  No, because I don’t want to share my financial details with them, they don’t appear to be doing any better than I am.  So where can I turn  for the advice I am looking for?
As she turned to the Money Mastery Personal Financial System for help fortunately she found all the help she needed!!  This help came in the form of a no-cost initial discussion that was so helpful, many of her fears were immediately relieved.  She received answers, during that consultation, to pressing questions.  From that discussion, she realized the value of a long-term relationship in the form of one-on-one coaching and the importance of a holistic approach to financial management through the application of time-proven principles, and the availability of tools and techniques that would help continue to put her fears to rest — something she had never found in any other approach to her finances before. Because I used her actual numbers during this consultation, I was able to show her how to have enough money to last as long as she needed AND what to do right now to bring immediate peace to her life.
For more information on how to resolve your financial fears, uncertainties and doubts, contact me at 801-292-1099, alan@moneymastery.com.

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