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How to Save Money During Back-to-School Shopping

With back-to-school now upon us, many parents across the nation are focusing on getting their children ready to head back to school (or have already sent them there). At this point, most of the school supplies lists have been given out in class, meaning parents need to head out and get some shopping done so their children have everything they need for a new school year.
Of course, if you have multiple kids in school, getting these materials can get expensive very quickly, which can throw a wrench in your Spending Plan. Here are a few ways you can save some money while still getting your kids all the school supplies they need:

  • See what you have at home. Before you head out to the store, try to fulfill as many supplies as you can in your own home. Chances are you have unsharpened or rarely-used pencils lying around somewhere, or extra notebooks or folders. See what your child still has from last year as well before buying completely new items.
  • Always bring the list with you. Just like when you go grocery shopping, a list helps you avoid making any impulse purchases, which quickly make your bill much more expensive than it needs to be.shutterstock_92894512
  • Shop around. Do your research and head to multiple stores to find the best sales on various items. Don’t feel like you must get everything in one place if several of the items are a bit more than you’d like to pay. Also, don’t feel like you are limited to the big retailers like Target or Walmart — try dollar stores or even grocery stores to see what deals they have going on.
  • Check online. You might be able to find some great deals through Amazon.com or other online retailers that you wouldn’t otherwise find in stores.
  • Be smart with clothes shopping. If your kids need new clothes as well, be smart about the seasons. You don’t necessarily need to pick out new winter clothes just yet — you’ll probably get better prices as the season approaches.
  • Avoid the busiest times. If possible, avoid doing your back-to-school shopping on the weekends, when the stores are overrun with other parents looking for the exact same supplies as you. Not only will this save you a lot of stress, but you’ll also save money by going at times when you can be sure the item you’re looking for on sale is going to be in stock.

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