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Hidden Danger Just around the Corner

This postcard photo shows one of the world’s most prestigious golf courses, which is part of the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo, a 5 -star hotel.   The man in the photo has hit his golf ball down the fairway.  I was fortunate enough to be golfing on the very spot where the photo was taken. A golf course attendant pointed out to me that if a golfer hits the ball too far from the position where this photo was taken it will go off the end of the course and fall off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean.  The water is very calm there because the peninsula juts out at that point,  protecting the bay from the mighty waves crashing in on the shoreline.  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
But here is the problem with this beautiful scene: tons of crocodiles live down below on the shoreline, eating seals and penguins that come into the calm bay to rest on their annual migration north and south.  I was told that the food supply for these crocodiles is immense.  The amount of food allows these crocodiles to get fat and lazy, so lazy, they don’t swim farther up the coastline even a half mile where the hotel is located.  When the attendant was explaining this to me, I had to ask if any crocodiles ever ventured a little north along the coastline to where I had been snorkeling the day before?  He said never.  I ask again, “EVER?”  He said not that he knew of.
So there you have it.  Beautiful place, wonderful beach, white sands, temperatures perfect and with cool breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean.  Yet crocodiles are living just around the corner that may, or may not decide to go exploring.  For the three additional days I stayed at this hotel, I no longer had the desire to go down to the beach.  I thought a lot about the boat captain who took me to an island to snorkel the day before.  As I was getting in the water, he said please don’t swim around the corner where I can’t see you.  The captain didn’t explain about the crocodiles, but I do remember he had a 357 Magnum hand-gun right beside his steering wheel.
What does this have to do with your personal finances?  Just that while you are making money, bringing it home and everything is status-quo, remember that market risks, inflation, taxation, medical expenses, unemployment, possible litigation, family issues, technology changes, bad investments, fraud, old age, impulse buying, emergencies and interest expense are all crocodiles just around the corner.  My suggestion is don’t swim there…put a system in place for managing all this risk.  The Money Mastery Principles are like a 357 Magnum that you may need if the crocodiles every decide to go exploring!

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