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Why LeBron James Needs a Coach, and So Do You…

Does LeBron James need a coach?
By every measure, James is probably the best basketball player in the world right now.  But he has a coach.  Why does he need a coach and, by the way, why does anyone need a coach?  Why do professional golfers have a caddy – it’s not just to carry the bag! The answer is that no one ever wins a championship without a coach, no matter how talented they may be!
One of the most important games in life is winning a financial championship.  That championship is won by having a predictable, secure future, regardless of means and circumstances.   If you have income, then you are entitled to financial security.  Note, that I did not say sufficient income…all that is required to get out of debt, build a predictable retirement, and obtain financial security is an income of any size. The Money Mastery program shows you how to have wealth on ANY income.  The caveat here is to understand that more money doesn’t guarantee wealth — more money is only  better than less money if it is properly managed.  We have seen too many clients who make a lot of money but are out of control financially and usually out of control in other areas of their life as well.  On the other hand, we have been amazed at how those with a more limited income can do so well on so little!
The way that many of these people succeed is by having the right perspective and options, which often comes only through a third-party, or in other words, a coach. A personal financial coach brings perspective and knowledge to your capabilities.  Sure, you may know how to shoot the ball and tally the score (financially speaking), but a coach can see opportunities from his or her perspective that you cannot see while you’re trying to dribble and shoot the ball.
Winning championships is all about not only having a coach but it’s also about teamwork as well.  Reconciling personalities, talents and circumstances (think spouse and family personalities, talents and circumstances) can result in you scoring more points than you can otherwise hope for. What you don’t know about the way you are managing your money in terms of these personalities and circumstances costs you a lot of dollars over your lifetime.
If you have not learned the basics, like controlling spending and getting out of debt, then it will be very hard for you to understand more advanced principles of wealth creation such as leverage where you are getting your dollars to do more than one thing at the same time.  Applying these kinds of principles, regardless of your income, creates wealth that you will never earn paying off mortgage debt your entire life or hoping to build a sizable retirement on a simple 401(k) program.  A good financial coach can teach you how to apply the basics and then teach perspective and options about accelerated wealth creation that you could never learn on your own.
Regardless of your annual income, you cannot afford to be without an experienced principle-based financial coach!  Your CPA assembles your after-the-fact historical numbers, a lawyer is no financial expert, and financial advisers just want your money to invest so he or she can make money, whether you do or not.
If you want to run more plays with your dollars and never run out of money then you need to have an accountability partner, a financial ally, a financial friend, one that you can count on over the long-term.  Applying the Money Mastery system together with the live coaching help you get when you become part of the online program will help ensure that you will come out a winner, regardless of your income.
For more information on the role of a financial coach in your life, contact alan@moneymastery.com

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