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Insurance Companies: A Good Bet for Managing Retirement Income

Living a long life will compound some financial problems.  When you live to age 90+,  you are exposed to inflation and/or deflation on your retirement money all those extra years.  Living a long life means you will be drawing down on your savings for a lot longer.  I have been helping people plan for retirement for over 45 years noColorful doorsw.  I have seen success and I have seen failure.  What I have seen that works best in dealing with longevity issues in retirement is placing some of retirement funds in a permanent life insurance policy with a financially strong mutual life insurance company. These policies not only cover your family when you die, but they also build cash value. Because insurance companies are in the business of spreading the risks out over hundreds of thousands of people, they can offer guarantees you can not ever get with mutual funds. Your investment is not subject to market losses like mutual funds, you will receive guaranteed growth year after year, and you can have access to your cash at any time without any penalties or interest.
In addition to these benefits and the fact that insurance companies are financially strong, there is an advantage that I believe is the most significant you get by placing some retirement money in whole life insurance: Insurance companies are on both sides of the risk. If someone dies young then the insurance company doesn’t have to pay money out for very long and if someone lives to age 100, the company will spread the money out to these folks from those who die in their early years. This makes it possible for them to manage both sides of retirement perfectly.  No other industry can dream of doing this.
This type of income management thus becomes less about a rate-of-return and all about managing longevity. It provides you with less risk and eliminates the worry that you will outlive your retirement funds or that the economy will derail your retirement plans, making it possible to more fully enjoy your later years.
If you have not considered purchasing permanent life insurance, now is the time to do so before you get any older. Call 888-292-1099 with questions.

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