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Why You Need a Personal Financial Coach

Only 3 in 100 Americans is ready for retirement. A financial coach will keep you from being one of the 97 other people who just doesn’t get it.
I sometimes ask my coaching clients the following questions to get them thinking about why they are sitting in front of me:
 “Have you ever wondered why you can’t get your debt completely under control?”
“Why has it been so hard to save anything for retirement?”
“Why do you feel confused and frustrated about how to invest in the stock market?”
My clients often tell me that they feel they’re missing important information that would make their finances come together and finally make sense but they don’t know where to find it.  How about you?
 Millions of people feel hopelessly confused about how to manage their money. That’s because they have never been taught the way to truly masterSalesperson their finances. It isn’t taught in schools or at home, and it certainly isn’t shared by the gurus on Wall Street. Most of the financial world preys upon your ignorance and frustration, taking advantage of it by selling you investment, insurance, or debt reduction products that sometimes alleviate some symptoms, but don’t address the real underlying problems.
 To get to the heart of those problems, you need a coach. Athletes, top executives, and Hollywood stars all use coaches to help them perform at their absolute best. In this same way, a personal financial coach can help you discover what your strengths and weaknesses are and give you the perspective you personally need to put all the pieces of your financial puzzle together so it makes sense to you. 
A Money Mastery Coach is the Secret to Piecing the Puzzle Together
There are many financial advisors, gurus, and experts out there who are willing to share pieces of that puzzle but unfortunately, many of them do not understand how to put all the pieces together so it makes sense.  To use another analogy, they do not know the proper “recipe” for true financial mastery. Some advisors provide all the ingredients for this recipe but don’t tell you in which order to “bake” them. Others know the order, but don’t know how much of one particular ingredient to include. In addition to those who don’t know the recipe for success, there are those who know it but are unwilling to share it because they are intent on making you dependent on their advice and in selling you expensive financial products rather than giving you the principle ingredients that will allow you to manage your own money instead. While these products will often earn the sellers of them a hefty commission and seem to help create a perfect outcome, they rarely solve the overall problem and can sometimes make finances worse.
MoneyMasteryLogo2Money Mastery coaching is different. A Money Mastery coach knows ALL the ingredients required to get in complete control, increase cash flow, and begin building real wealth and prosperity. They are willing to teach you about each of those ingredients, what order they will need to be added to your financial life, and how much of each ingredient you will personally require to eliminate your debt, control your spending, maximize retirement savings and protect your wealth from over taxation and market downturns. Our coaches are committed to educating and training you so YOU can take charge of your own money.
 Personal coaching with a Money Mastery mentor is a powerful alliance. Our coaches aren’t biased by commissions or dollars earned from selling products or investment advice. They are motivated by a desire to teach you correct principles that will allow you to govern yourself, play complex financial games on an even playing field with others, take the emotional confusion and frustration out of your financial decisions, empower you to make lasting and significant changes, and help you make your money work for you so it can generate much, much more.
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