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The Money Mastery® system is a personal financial literacy program aimed at helping couples and individuals eliminate debt, reduce tax liability, and create a predictable retirement. Its ultimate goal is to help you build wealth on ANY income. The magic of Money Mastery is not in the elements of the system, but in how the elements of the program interact with each other.

Anyone can find an expert to help them get out of debt. Anyone can hire a tax adviser. We all know there are plenty of financial planners anxious to manage retirement portfolios.

What you can’t find anywhere else is a team of experts who teach YOU how to manage every aspect of your finances, from how you spend to what you save. Our team can help you look at your entire financial situation and treat it holistically, putting all the pieces of your financial puzzle together, in the right order, giving you complete control of every part of your financial life.

Money Mastery experts teach you how to change your behavior and make positive and lasting changes in a way that does more than reduce debt and save for retirement, but ultimately helps you build wealth on ANY income!

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10 Money Mastery Principles

  1. Spending is Emotional. *
  2. When You Track Your Money, You Control It. *
  3. Savings Is Actually Delayed Spending. *
  4. Power Down Your Debt and Power Up Your Fortune. *
  5. Know the Rules. *
  6. The Rules Are Always Changing. *
  7. Always Look at the Big Picture. *
  8. Organizing Your Finances Enables the Creation of Additional Wealth. *
  9. Understanding Taxation Enables You to Retain More Money. *
  10. Money in Motion Creates More Money. *

* Click Here for Scriptual Reference

Client Testimonials

We love what we do. Our Clients do too!

Don’t just take our word for it, though…

“Probably the number one thing is I feel in control of my life right now.”

“We’re not stressed out about our next paycheck. The biggest impact is peace of mind.”

“You will be able to teach your children sound money principles.”

“Money Mastery has absolutely changed our lives. It’s made a huge difference.”


“There’s such a wonderful feeling in your heart when you realize you have money to spend.”

“Not only am I nearly completely out of debt, but I’m saving money.”

“Money Mastery has really changed the way we see our finances in a lot of areas.”

“The Money Mastery system has given me just so much control of my finances.”

Do you have questions about your finances?

Money Mastery® Has Answers.

How can I stop living paycheck to paycheck?

You stop living paycheck to paycheck when you prioritize your spending by using the Spending Plan and the Debt Plan, and tracking both. Also, by consistently using the Principles and tools provided in this membership program, you will learn how to spend your money so you can have the things you want while staying out of debt.

Do I get out of debt in 8-10 years and find extra money per month, at the same time?

You should expect to get out of debt in about a third of the time from where you are now. To do this you must find the extra money. By systematically prioritizing your spending and applying the Money Mastery® Principles, it can all happen to you.

Does Money Mastery do debt counseling?

Yes, but not in the common way of having someone else negotiate for you reductions in the interest rate being charged on the debts. Rather, Money Mastery teaches empowerment principles, with certain tools and techniques, that help you power down your debts using money you already make, thus saving thousands of dollars.

What does “secure financial future” mean?

It means having enough passive income (money you don’t have to go to work every day to earn) so that when you decide every day whether you want to work or not. In other words, you don’t have to clock in anywhere in order to have enough money to pay your bills and have the lifestyle to your liking.

I have a variable income each month. Will the Money Mastery® System help me?

Yes it will work for you, and especially you. By following the techniques on how to plan, track, and control spending available in this program you will build a Spending Plan that works on your average monthly gross income.

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Habits Can Both Help and Hurt…

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The Power of Emotional Savings…

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